Dimension of a Lamé

A lamé is often used as a clothing material, usually for evening gowns; and as a protective vest worn by people engaged in fencing; both foil and sabre fencing. The dimension of a lamé therefore depends on its usage.

For instance, the dimension of a lamé fabric is usually measured in yards and the length and width may vary depending on the size of the dress.

For the dimension of a lamé for fencing, this also varies depending on the brand or the manufacturer.

Dimension of a Lamé for Fencing

When buying a lamé for fencing, the chest size is taken into consideration. The right-fitting lamé will not only be comfortable to wear but more so, it will provide just the right protection as one engages in fencing.

Some manufacturers require adding four inches to one’s actual chest length for a perfect fit while others simply indicate sizes according to one’s actual chest size. Still others have a different sizing method to determine their own dimension of a lamé.

So for instance, you may also find a dimension of a lamé that indicates a size 32 for a chest measurement of 23 inches; a size 36 for a chest measurement of 26 inches, a size 40 for a chest measurement of 29 inches and so on.

Buying a Fencing Lamé

When buying a lamé for fencing, it is important to try it on for size to make sure that it is not too snug or too loose that you will have an uncomfortable time wearing it.

You may ask for the sizing chart of the specific manufacturer or store you will be buying from so you can determine which one will fit you perfectly.

It is important to remember too, that the size should be able to fit over your jacket, plastron and chest protector without compromising your movement. This will ensure that you can move freely and comfortably as you engage in fencing.

If you will be buying online, ask for the assistance of the online store regarding picking out the right size for you. In addition to this, check for the store’s return policy so you are assured that you can return your purchase should this be of the wrong size.

The bottom line is that, when it comes to the dimension of a lamé, each one differs from the other depending on the brand or manufacturer and their sizing guide.

For best results, ask for their sizing chart and seek the help of the store assistants to help you determine the exact size for you.

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