What is the Size of a Hanger?

Keeping your clothes neatly organized is an important thing. That would spell the difference on how long you will enjoy them in the best state. In keeping your clothes organized, there are tools to use. The most effective is the hanger.

Clothes hangers come in different varieties – in different materials, sizes, and styles. More than anything, it is the size that is of big concern when choosing what to buy. What is the size of a hanger to use depends on what kind of clothes you use them with.

Standard Sizes

There are several standard sizes of hangers that are available in the market today according to their kind.

Kids’ hangers – the ones that you could use for infants, toddlers, and juniors – are available in 10 and 12 inches. Teen hangers – the ones that are suitable for those no longer a baby but not yet an adult members of the family – are available in 14 inches. Adult hangers – the ones that you need for adult clothes including dresses and coats and shirts and blouses – are available in lengths that range between 16 inches and 18.5 inches.

Different Ways to use a Hanger

Since clothes hangers are definite staples in every home, they usually accumulate over time. When you think your wardrobe need some space to breath or you are changing your hanger collection altogether, you will find the following hanger crafts and other tips significant:

Reuse and recycle. Be kind to the environment by making sure that you are not throwing those hangers away without a worthy cause. As much as possible, try maximizing their value by finding their worth around your home, if they are still in good working condition. On the other hand, local recycling plants would still find use for your old and battered frames. Bring them in so they can be recreated and recycled into something else.

Make padded hangers. If you are good at sewing and crocheting, you can re-create your hangers into lovely, decorative crafts. In that case, you will be able to use them in a different way or you may also give them out as gifts.

Wire hangers can be used to make a trellis that will support your vines and plants. They can also be made into Christmas decorations, dream catchers, fairy wings, halos, and wreaths. Let your creative spirit flow and for sure you will be able to find a kind of craft that will put what seem to be useless hangers to a good cause.

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