Dimensions of a Grater

Cheese grater dimensions are varied, with some models measuring 9.8 x 3.5 x 3.5, 7.8 x 3 x 3, 6.8 x 2.5 x 2.5 and many other sizes. The designs of these kitchen tools also vary, but their purpose has always been the same: to shred or sliver cheeses.


While available in varied shapes and sizes, majority of them are equipped with sharp holes. It is in these holes that cheese is pushed over. The grater is made of metal. The most basic cheese grater design is a flat metal with wood or plastic handles.

This basic shape allows the grater to be placed on any bowl. One can also hold the handle as the cheese is pushed against the sharp portions. Flat graters have varied hole sizes so they can produce different kinds of shreds.

Bell Grater

Bell grater dimensions vary too, and they are distinguished from the flat grater by their cowbell shape. There are four sides each with unique grating holes. Bell graters are held against the perpendicular surface. This gathers the grated cheese below the grater.

Rotary Grater

These graters let you put a cheese wedge within the tool. To shred, you just press a handle or crank. These types of graters are more expensive than the flat graters.

Which Graters to Use?

Hard cheeses like pecorino and parmesan should be grated with the smallest holes. Cheese of the medium kind like cheddar and Monterrey jack are shredded with large holes. Soft and semi-soft cheeses are not grated because they’ll just get squashed and clog the tool.

Aside from shredding cheese, graters can be used with other food. Citrus peel can be zested by pressing it on the tool’s holes. You can also use a grater to make chocolate shavings. The rotary graters can be used to crush candies and nuts. There are also some box graters that can handle nuts.Maintenance

The grater should be cleaned immediately after it is used. If not, the cheese will get stuck in the holes and harden. You can use a soapy sponge or damp cloth for cleaning. Some graters are dishwasher safe, but others are not. You should read the product guide before using it in a dishwasher.

The diverse cheese grater dimensions and types mean they can be used with various cheeses and fruits. However, this doesn’t apply to all. Read the grater manual before attempting to use it on other food besides cheese.

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