How Big is a Propane Tank?

The following are some of the propane tank dimensions utilized in the US. These are not necessarily the ones used in other countries.

Tank Measurements in the US

The 150 gallon tank is 85″ long, 25″ in diameter and weighs 320 lbs. The 250 gallon tank is 92″ long, 30″ in diameter and weighs 485 lbs. The 500 gallon tank is 120″ long, 37″ in diameter and 950 lbs. The 1000 gallon is 190″ long and is 41″ inches in diameter. It weighs 1750 lbs. There are smaller tanks available too of course.

Underground Tank Hole Size

If you want to have a propane tank installed underground, you should use the proper hole sizes. For the 250 gallon it is 96″ long, 48″ wide and 40″ deep. For the 500 gallon, the hole should be 144″ long, 60″ wide and 46″ deep. For the 1000 gallon it is 216″ long, 60″ wide and 60″ deep.


The fuel is used by many residential homes and commercial enterprises. They are used for heating a room. They are also used for grilling food and heating pools. The propane can be utilized in many ways, which is why the dimensions vary. The ones described earlier are just some of the specifications you will come across.

What Propane Tank Size is Right?

It will depend on what you need it for. Only small ones are required for cooking. The larger ones are in the storage facilities underground.

For Home Use

Most homes use propane for heating. If you will use it for running a clothing dryer, heating water and cooking, a big tank will be required. This will let you buy more fuel. It may also reduce the cost if the supplier imposes a fee per delivery.

For Commercial Use

These tanks are much bigger. Those used in plant manufacturing typically employ an underground tank. Big tanks for installation above ground are also available. The square footage used must also be accounted for. It is not uncommon for people to get discounts when the tank is put in place.

Other Information

If you are going to buy a tank, you have to determine what it will be used for. Second, ensure there is enough supply. After you buy the tank, a company representative will aid in the installation.

The propane tank dimensions specified here are only approximates. The figures used for hole excavation and installation are more precise. The information is designed just to give you an idea of the measurements.

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