How Small is a Nose Hair Trimmer?

Nose hair trimmer sizes vary as much as their design. Some devices measure 2 x 1 x 5 inches. Other models have dimensions of 2 x 1.5 x 6 inches and others 3 x 2 x 6 inches.


These trimmers are used for taking off hair in the nostrils. Modern devices have oscillating or rotating blades and are battery powered. The design can vary, but most are cylinder shaped. The blades are positioned on the end. Thee blades are very small and can easily fit in the nose.


To use the trimming device, one has to simply turn on the trimmer and place it in the nostril. Regardless of the nose hair trimmer sizes, the blades will be able to pluck off any long hair.

The trimming doesn’t necessitate the tool being set against the skin. There is no need to push the device inside either. Make sure not to apply too much pressure when using the trimmer.


The blades are often comprised of surgical-grade stainless steel. These are shielded by a guard. This ensures it will never catch the nose’s edge.

Majority of these new models have a light emitting diode (LED). This will light up the nostrils during the trimming procedure. In some models, vacuums are built in. This pulls the hair toward the tool, making it easier to trim the hair off.

Why is There Hair in the Nose?

These exist to keep bacteria at bay. The hair also assists in moisturizing the air as it is being inhaled. For his reason, you should avoid removing all the hair.

Removing Ear Hair

Some of these trimmers can be used for removing hair in the ears. This is possible only if the cavity size is similar.

Other Information

These tools frequently come with brushes used for tidying up the blades. Most of the time, the blades are removable, so cleaning is easier. Cleaning methods will be provided in the product. Usually though, you just have to wash them in running water.

Majority of these devices are for men, but some trimmers for women have started to come out. The trend today is towards more compact sizes.

Aside from the different nose hair trimmer sizes, the shapes are starting to change too. The cylinder is still popular, but some products today look more like lipstick cases. Others look like a pen. Most are still powered by batteries though.

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