Grapes Sizes

Grapes are one of the more popular fruit varieties. Grapes SizesThe small, juicy berry is a favorite around the world. People love eating grapes raw but these sweet treats may also star in interesting dishes such as salads and even stews. Grapes also play an integral part in the making of raisins, a variety of vinegar, jams, jellies, juices, and who would forget, wines.

Grapes Sizes

Grapes sizes are defined from small to large. The smallest ones weigh a little over one gram and the biggest varieties weigh three grams or more. The grapes sizes depend on the fruit variety. Mind you, there are numerous grape varieties. This fruit is grown widely around the world. Every territory that grows grapes usually claims a variety unique in their territory. Aside from the difference in size, grapes are also distinctive in taste or the level of sweetness, the thickness of the skin, and the color among others.

Some Interesting Grape Facts

Grapes originated from Turkey. There were also ancient proofs linking it to old Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Since the early times, grapes have been popular snacks and as main ingredient in wine production. Shortly, grapes were introduced in Europe, Africa, America, and the rest of the world.

Grapes grow in a bunch or cluster from a small number of six to a huge number of 300 berries. It comes in different colors but crimson is the most common. You can also find yellow grapes, blue grapes, black grapes, green grapes, pink grapes, and even white grapes. The pigment chemicals in grapes define the varying shades of wine.

Grape vines cover some 75,866 square kilometers of the world’s land area. Majority of grapes produced are used for wines. About 71% of the total grape production is dedicated to making wines. 27% of the world’s grape production is used as a fresh fruit. Grapes make for easily accessible, guilt-free snacks. They also make a substantial difference in salad dishes. The remaining percentage of grape production is dried, preserved and sold as it is to be used in many different ways.

Spain has the biggest land area dedicated to growing grapes. Next to it is France, then Italy, Turkey, and the United States. When it comes to wine production, Italy tops the list followed by China, the United States, France and Spain.

Grapes and French Women

Much has been said about French women being slim and statuette-like. That is mostly accounted for France’s love for wines. In a comparable research regarding Western diets, it has been discovered that the French people’s consumption of animal fats is being leveled up by their red wine intake. Drinking a glass of red wine everyday not only helps them become slimmer but also healthier.

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