How Large is a Camping Tent?

Knowing what camping tent size you need is the first thing you should consider before buying one. Tents are categorized as six-person, four-person, two-person, one-person etc. But these sizes refer only to the number of people that can fit in. The 2, 3 and so on person tent is good only for x number of people; no space for boots or other gear.

Other Facts about Sizes

A two person tent may be suitable for those who don’t carry a lot of gear. But for other people it is just two small. If you want room for gear, you should get a tent with the next biggest size you need. If you need a tent for two people, buy a four-person size tent. This will give you room for more gear.

Another thing to remember is that the dimensions manufacturers provide may differ. The design can influence the size of the unit. For instance, a 3-person lightweight tent may have the same dimensions as a 2-person general purpose tent.


The best way to find the right camping tent size is to try them. These are available in sporting goods showrooms. Give them a try.

Personal Requirements

Your personal needs will also be a factor. Take your physical build into consideration. How tall are you? Do you need plenty of elbow room? Do you sit often in the tent? You also have to think of how much gear you intend to bring in the tent. Use the same approach if you are sharing the tent with one or more people.

More Space is Better

Veteran backpackers recommend getting a tent with as much room as one can afford. Nothing is more frustrating than getting stuck with a small tent. The extra room also comes in handy in case of rain.

Note: a big tent is nice, but you also have to think of how much space is available at the camp site. Some family campgrounds have limited space. You need to be certain the site has room for your tent.

When studying the camping tent size, keep the length and width in mind. Those over 6 ft tall will need a tent at least 7 ft long. The width should be at 2 to 3 ft. If you move a lot in your sleep, you will need extra width.

Finally, always think of your gear. It is better to assume you will be carrying more than the actual. Some campers like to sleep on an inflatable air mattress for instance.

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