Sizes of Tents

Sizes of tents are categorized as 2 person, 4, person, 8 person etc. But those types of tent guides are quite deceiving. The dimensions given refer only to the number of people who can sleep in it. You will not be able to put anything else there.

Tent Dimensions in Detail

In other words, a 2 person tent has room for two people to sleep in. Your camping gear will not fit inside. If you travel light or are a backpacker, these tents will be enough. But if you’re going to camp for a while, a 2 person tent is insufficient for a couple of campers. The ideal solution is to buy a tent that is one or two ratings higher. If you are camping with someone, get a three person tent. If you are going out with three people, get a five person tent.

The sizes of tents provided by manufacturers vary. The two person tent from company A may be bigger than the two person tent from company B. This happens because they have different measuring systems. The purpose of the tent affects the size too. A two-person general purpose tent may have the same dimensions as a lightweight tent for three people.

Examining Tents

The only way to determine the dimensions of the tent is to inspect it. You can do this by going to sporting goods stores. In the end only you can tell how much space is required. But here are some tips. How much sitting room do you need? How much elbow room do you and your other campers need? Your height and width are also going to be factors. The amount of camping gear you are going to take along will be critical. If you carry a lot of gear, get a big tent.

Other Considerations

The most ideal solution is to get as large a tent as possible. The additional room can be used when carrying a lot of equipment. A big tent is also something to consider if it rains. It can protect you better than regular sizes. However you need to be aware of how much space is available at the camping ground.

The sizes of tents and the available camp ground space must always be accounted for. Most family campgrounds allow only small tents. Distance is also an issue. How far away is the site? Unless you have a vehicle, a large tent can be difficult to carry around.

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