The Biggest Model Railway Dimensions


The biggest model railway dimensions can be found in the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany. The leased floor space is 6,400 m² while the model area is 1,150 m². The entire track is 12,000 meters long.

General Facts and Figures 

There are 7 construction areas, and there are 830 trains and over 11,000 wagons. The longest train is 14.51 meters long. There are 2,200 switches, 900 signals and 40 computers. The railway has 300,000 lights and 3,500 buildings. 

Currently there are 200,000 figurines and 5,500 cars. There are also 215,000 trees. The staff members number 185. The cost of building the biggest model railway dimensions in the world is 10,000,000 €. 


The site has several sections. These include southern Germany / Knuffingen, Hamburg and the coast, America, Scandinavia and Switzerland. Other sections being constructed are the airport, France, Italy and more. 

Facts about Section Southern Germany 

The model area is 300 m² and the track length is 3,000 meters. There are 230 trains, 2,400 wagons, 220 signals and 450 switches. It has 11 computers, 70,000 lights 850 buildings and bridges and 40,000 figurines. There are 1,000 cars and 70,000 trees. 

Facts about Section Hamburg 

The biggest model railway dimensions have a prominent section on Hamburg and the coast. The model area is 200 m² and the track is 2,600 meters long. There are 190 trains, 2,200 wagons and 260 signals. There are 550 switches, 9 computers, 60,000 lights and 1,000 bridges and buildings. The section has 50,000 figurines and 1,300 cars. 

Information about the Other Sections 

Section America has 140 trains, 3,000 wagons, 450 buildings and 30,000 figurines. Section Scandinavia has 150 trains, 3,000 wagons, 40,000 figurines and 600 cars. 

There are 50,000 trees and 30,000 liters of water. Section Switzerland has a total track length of 3,000 meters, 3,500 wagons and 30,000 figurines. It has 50,000 trees and 300 signals.

Future Plans

The model railway is still under construction. The plan is that by 2015 it will have 2,300 m² of model area, 12 construction areas, a total length of 20,000 meters and 1,300 trains. The wagons will number 15,000 and the signals over 1,900. The plan is to increase the bridges and buildings to 6,000, the cars to 10,000 and the trees to 330,000. 

The biggest model railway dimensions will get bigger when the figurines are increased to 300,000, the switches to 4,000 and the total leased space to 10,000 m². 

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