Biggest Continent

There are seven continents in the world: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. Some of these continents hold the most powerful countries in the world.

These continents come in various sizes, surrounded by different bodies of water and they are rich in different natural resources.

What is the Biggest Continent in the World?

When it comes to both land area and population, Asia tops the list as the biggest continent in the world. Covering more than 8 and one-half percent of the Earth’s surface or almost thirty percent of its total land area, Asia covers 17,139,445 sq. mi. or about 44,391,162 sq. km.

It has a population of about four billion people which covers approximately sixty percent of the world’s total population.

Continents and Their Land Areas

After Asia, the following are the remaining continents based on their land area; from biggest to smallest.

1. Africa – 11,677,239 sq. mi. or 30,244,049 sq. km.

2. North America – 9,361,791 sq. mi. or 24,247,039 sq. km.

3. South America – 6,880,706 sq. mi. or 17,821,029 sq. km.

4. Antarctica – 5,500,000 sq. mi. or 14,245,000 sq. km.

5. Europe – 3,997,929 sq. mi. or 10,354,636 sq. km.

6. Australia – 2,967,909 sq. mi. or 7,686,884 sq. km.

Continents and Their Approximate Population

As mentioned, Asia has the biggest population among all 7 continents. Below is a list of the other continents and their population, from highest to lowest.

1. Africa – Approximately more than one billion

2. Europe – 729,871,042

3.North America – 522,807,432

4. South America – 379,919,602

5. Australia – 20,434,176

6. Antarctica – While there are no permanent inhabitants here, there are researchers and staff that stay here for years on end. In summer, there are approximately four thousand of them here and one thousand researchers in the cold season.

Changes in Asian Country Names

Some countries in Asia have undergone several name changes over the years until they got their names today.

1. Republic of the Philippines – formerly Spanish East Indies, Philippine Islands and Las Islas Filipinas

2. Union of Myanmar – formerly Burma

3. Iran – formerly Persia

4. Republic of India – formerly British India, Dominion of India

5. Sultanate of Oman – formerly Muscat

6. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – formerly The Kingdom of Hejaz-Nejd

7. Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka – formerly Ceylon

8. Republic of Turkey – formerly Ottoman Empire

9. Kingdom of Cambodia –
formerly Democratic Kampuchea

10. Kingdom of Thailand – formerly Siam

These are only some of the countries in Asia that have undergone changes in their names. There are several others that have likewise altered their official names.

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