How Small is a Fishing Lure?

The fishing lure sizes that you should use depend on a lot of factors. Some prefer 1/8 oz. spinnerbaits and some medium crankbaits. Other sizes used for trout are 1.5, 2.5 and 0.5 in.


The lure is an object connected at the fishing line’s end. The object is made to look like fish prey. What the lure does is to utilize vibration, color and movement so the fish is lured. They will have 1, 2 or 3 hooks. When the fish goes after the lure, the fish gets hooked.

The lures are typically utilized with a fishing reel and rod. The lure is also used for casting. In that case, the lure is cast out and retrieved. Various types of lures are available. Different types are sold. But most of them resemble fast moving, dying or hurt fish.


The jig is usually a weighted hook that has a lead head that opposes the sharp point. A plastic worm, crawfish or minnow covers it. With the rod, the angler can make the jig move.

Surface Lures

When studying the fishing lure sizes, you will come across surface lures. These are commonly called stickbaits, poppers and top water lures. They look like prey above the water. Some of them have sounds while others move only via the rod.

Spoon Lures

As the name suggests, this looks like the inside of a table spoon. Because of their shape, they dart or wobble, catching the attention of the fish. They also flash.


These are also called minnows or crankbaits. Their shape is akin to a fish. They move through water and produce many kinds of moves.

Artificial Flies

These look like fish prey. They are typically used with reel when fly fishing. They are also used with a fly rod.

Soft Lures / Plastic Baits

These are composed of rubber or plastic. They have different looks. Some resemble leeches, frogs, lizards and worms. Others resemble squid, crabs and fish.


These are wires set at 60 degree angles. There is a hook at the lower portion. At the upper portion is a spinner mechanism.


This is a lure that looks like baitfish. It is retrieved similar to a minnow.

Not only are the fishing lure sizes diverse, but so are the materials used to make them. The most popular are rubber, wood and plastic. Others are made from cork and metal. Some lures are retrieved slowly but others fast.

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