How Small is a Lensatic Compass?

Lensatic compass sizes are usually small. Some devices measure 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches, but others have dimensions of 4 x 2 x 2 inches. There are other compasses which are bigger.


The objective of this device is to get precise locations on land. This device is used by the military but it is now used by civilians too, notably hikers.

The Cover

This part of the compass shields the rose dial. It has the glowing sighting dots for evening navigation. It also has the sighting wires. The design varies, but they are all used to protect the dial.

The Base

This is the section where the moveable components are. The floating dial is used to tell direction. It runs every time the compass keeps a level position. The bearing figures are on the floating dial. They are at the edge showing the west and east orientations.

The directional arrow is inside. No matter what the lensatic compass size is, this arrow is always pointing to the north. The west is at 270 degrees and east at 90 degrees.


These devices have two scales. The inner scales indicate degrees while the outer scales point to miles. The red color is indicative of the inner scale.

Bezel Ring and Black Index

The bezel ring is also found within the compass base. This is a ratchet that will make 120 clicks in one rotation. Every click is indicative of three degrees.

There is an incandescent line that functions with the directional arrow. It is this line that is on the bezel ring face. The black index line is on it as well. The thumb loop is the last part on the base. This connects to the base as a type of handling apparatus.

The Lens

This is the component that examines the floating dial. A backsight slot functions with the front sight wires. Their objective is to assist in locating objects and navigation. This also shields the compass when it is set in the closed position. This is made possible by the clamp and lock system.

The rear-sight apparatus must be maintained at 45 degrees for the floating dial to operate. While these are the most common parts, some models may employ other components.

The lensatic compass sizes are naturally small so they are easy to carry. Far more important than the dimensions is the direction they provide. With enough practice you should be able to use the device with ease.

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