Fish Tape Dimensions

There are different fish tape sizes and variants. Some fish tapes are 11 feet long, while others are 25 feet long. If you need longer ones, 50 foot fish tapes are also available in online stores.

Facts about the Fish Tape

This is a utility employed for pulling wiring in walls. They can be used in the same way through conduits and similar settings. In spite of the name, the fish tape has no connection with fish.

Because it is used in various applications, the tool is now widely available. Aside from online stores, it is also sold in hardware stores. Besides the different lengths, these are also sold in different styles.

Design and Use

While the fish tape sizes vary, majority of them are constructed of stainless steel. However, other materials can be used. Whatever the material used, the tape will be set on the reel. The reason is they are very handy as a means of storage.

Aside from holding the tape, the reel ensures the tool won’t get damaged when it is transported. This will also produce a bit of curve on the tape. The curve can be handy when the tape is used on a conduit part or wall.

When you utilize the fish tape, the reel has to be unspooled and utilized to feed the tape. This is done in the chosen section until it emerges on the other end. This is not as easy as it sounds. This will take some practice especially if the opening is long.

After the tape emerges, the wires can be joined to the tape’s hook. This will allow the tape to be pulled easily, taking in the wires. Two individuals are usually needed for this task. One will handle the wires and the other one will control the reel. If the wires are thick, a rope can be connected to the tape.

Tips and Warnings

Using the fish tape is not easy, and as indicated may require two people. Before you use the fish tape, read the product description first. The length of the tool makes all the difference, so pay close attention to it. If you will be using it for different tasks, it is best to get the longest tape possible.

The fish tape sizes will of course have an effect on the price. But you cannot afford to compromise on the quality and length. While you can buy online, it may be cheaper to just purchase it in the hardware store near you.

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