Meters To Feet

It goes without saying that measurement is indispensable in our world. From doing menial tasks such as determining one’s shoe size or something as complicated as launching a rocket into space, measuring things is essential for every thing that humans do. This is why knowledge concerning the conversion of the most commonly used measuring units is important since they are important in everyday living.

Two of the more commonly used measuring units in our everyday life are meters and feet. Since each of the two came from two different measurement systems, specific knowledge concerning the conversion form one unit into another is important.

The foot comes from the American customary system of measurement. That United States has its own system of measurement since it decided to not go with the International System that almost every country in the face of the world adopted. As a result, measuring in the United States generally use inches, miles, and yards, making the measuring system in the United States different from the rest of the world.

As was indicated the meter belongs to the International System of Units or the SI. The SI is decimal system of measurement, meaning each of its units is based on 10 and its multiples. This system provides for a convenient conversion to and fro the numerous measurement units within the system.

What is not convenient however, is converting from one unit of measurement coming from one system to another unit originating from another system of measurement, such as converting meters to feet. What makes the conversion from meters to feet more inconvenient is that both are commonly used units thus making it imperative for everyone to learn how the converting is done.

Before anything else, it is essential to remember this tip: when converting from a bigger unit to a smaller one, use multiplication. Otherwise, division is used. Now the most important bit of information when converting meters to feet is that one meter equals 3.28 feet. Since a meter is bigger than a foot, multiplication must be used. Therefore, 10 meters is equivalent to 32.8 feet since 10 X 3.28 = 32.8 and 5 meters is equivalent to 16.4 feet since 5 X 3.28 = 16.4.

Converting meters to feet may be impossible when one does not have any inkling how many feet are in a meter but once one already knows the conversion factor between the two units, converting meters to inches is as easy as multiplying the factor on the number of meters to be converted.

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