Size of an E-Book

The size of an e-book is measured in kilobytes and in the larger ones, in megabytes. The smaller ones can be around 30 or 40 kb. Larger editions can be several megabytes in size. These are also known as digital books or electronic books.


In the simplest sense, the digital book is a publication consisting of text and image that can be read on a computer. These publications are also produced and published on computers.

In some cases, the digital book may be the electronic equivalent of a printed book. However, there are some publications that are exclusively available in the electronic version.


These are devices used to read these publications. Whatever the size of an e-book is, modern electronic book readers are equipped to handle them. It has to be noted that “e-readers” are now only applied to hardware devices.

But there are online programs that can read Web-based publications. These online readers download the text. These can then be transferred to an e-book reader, laptop or another similar device.

These devices vary by their battery life, screen size, lighting and the number of books you can install. They allow you to turn the pages and some let you search for specific words.

Benefits of Digital Books

There are over three million free digital books on the Net. Unlike printed books, electronic books never go out of print. Printed books can take up a lot of space, even fill several rooms. A single e-book reader can store hundreds or thousands of titles. Expanding its memory will increase its capacity.

Travelers will definitely find the e-book more convenient. An e-reader lets you store several books. You can then put the device in a backpack or bag. They take up little space and weight.

Other Advantages of Electronic Books

Web-based publications can be translated in other languages. Many of these electronic books can be read in dim light. Some have special lighting that lets you read in total darkness. These electronic books have adjustable fonts. This makes them easier to read.

As stated earlier, millions of digital books are free. Every fiction published before 1900 is now in the public domain. You do not have to go to a bookstore; you can easily download the book.

The size of an e-book may increase as more features are added. Even so, that is not gong to be a problem as hardware devices increase their capacity as well.

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