Biggest Squid Ever Caught

The biggest squid ever caught was measured as being 30 ft (10 meters) long. The animal was caught near Antarctica. While this is the largest captured, it is possible that larger specimens may be living beneath the ocean depths.

Facts about the Squid

All squids are 10-armed marine cephalopods. They can be found in all the oceans of the world. Their size ranges from the very small to extremely large. The smaller types are the ones used in cuisines.

The squid belongs to the Teuthoidea order. There are several squids in these groups. While the layman enjoys the squid as food, scientists are more interested in studying it.


The biggest squid ever caught shares some traits with other squids. The creature has an elongated body. It has a couple of fins which keep it stable when swimming. It has ten arms. Two of these are used for grabbing food.

Its body is layered with a mantle. This mantle protects the internal organs of the animal. The squid pen is inside it. The pen is a solid protrusion that used to be all over the descendants of the squid.

How the Squid Moves

The creature moves primarily due to propulsion. Water is pushed into the middle cavities. Using propulsion, the squid can swim without making a noise.

The squid is an intelligent creature, almost equal to the logic of terrestrial animals. Female and male squids both have ink sacs. When the squid wants to make an escape, the ink is released.


The squid can be found in varying ocean depths. This demonstrates the animal’s capability to withstand intense pressure. Scientists also believe that giant squids live in the deeper and darker parts of the ocean. Only on a few occasions will giant squids swim close to the surface. This is one of the reasons why reports of giant squid sightings are rare.

Squid as Food

The squid is considered as one of the most delectable of all seafood. They are also consumed by humans. Except for the pen, all squid parts can be eaten. The squid’s body has a sweet taste. It is also chewy. However, the squid must be prepared properly. Otherwise, it will come out rubbery.

Through the centuries, there have been numerous reports of 60 and 80 foot monster squids. However, none of these have been accurately measured. That is why the biggest squid ever caught remains the one in Antarctica.

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