Biggest Boat in the World

The biggest boat in the world is the Mærsk E-class container ship. Each of the ships in the class is 397 m (1,302 ft long) and has a displacement of 156,907 DWT. All the ships are still in service.

Scrapped Ships and Boats

If scrapped ships are included in the list, the biggest ever would be the Seawise Giant. This supertanker was 458.45 m (1,504.1 ft) long and had a displacement of 564,763 DW. Second would be the Batillus class at 414.2 m (1,359 ft) long. The displacement was 550,000 DWT.

The Esso Atlantic class measured 406.6 m (1,334 ft) long and each had a displacement of 516,000 DWT. All of these were supertankers. If these ships are part of the list, the Mærsk E-class would only be ranked fourth.

The Largest Military Ships and Boats

If the list of the biggest boat in the world were limited to military ships, the largest would be the Enterprise class. This aircraft carrier is 342 m / 1,123 ft long. The displacement is 93,500 and is in service.

Number two would be the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Each of the ships is 333 m / 1,092 ft long. The displacement is 102,000. The planned Ford class aircraft carriers will be 332 m / 1,090 ft. The displacement is 100,000.

At number four is the Kitty Hawk class. Each is 327 m / 1073 ft long with an 83,960 displacement. The number five belongs to the Forrestal class aircraft carriers. Each one is 325 m / 1066 ft long with a displacement of 80,000.

Al these ships are operated by the United States Navy.

The Biggest Passenger Ships

The largest is the Allure of the Seas. It is 362 m / 1,182 ft long. At number two is its sister ship, the Oasis of the Seas. It is 360 m / 1,181 ft long and the tonnage is 225,282. The third spot belongs to the RMS Queen Mary 2. It is 345 m / 1,132 ft long and has a tonnage of 151,400.

Disney Fantasy is at number four. The ship is 340 m / 1,115 ft long and has a tonnage of 128,000. The Disney Dream is at number six. The ship measures 340 m / 1,115 ft. The tonnage is 128,000.

This list of the biggest boats in the world is subject to change of course. As shown earlier, new ships and boats are being planned. It may only be a matter of time before a new boat is bestowed that title.

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