Pot Watcher Size Guide


The pot watcher is used to keep liquids from boiling over. These utilities are also known as boil over preventer and pot minder. As they are often used to prevent milk burning, these devices are often called milk guards, milk watchers or milk savers.

Size of Pot Watchers

Their sizes differ. The JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder is 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches, while the Chefgadget stainless steel pot watcher is 3 1/4 inches in diameter. There are many other pot watchers out there of varying sizes.

Strictly speaking, the term boil over preventer cannot refer to a specific product. There are many ways that cooks suggest you use to keep boil over from happening. They include putting a wooden spoon over the pot when it attains boiling temperature. 

Another simple technique is to make sure the pot is big enough for the contents. However these are not always effective, so having a pot minder is often necessary. The size of the pot watcher can make it easy to prevent a boil over. However it is important to know exactly why and how boil over occurs. 

How Boil Over Happens

This can happen when ingredients like starch and fat are added to hot water. What happens is that this coating ends up on top of the water. Foam appears. This will eventually cause the water to become very hot. If the foam isn’t stirred or the liquid gets overheated, the boil over will take place.

What the Pot Watcher Does 

Basically the utility will maintain the temperature and soak up the excessive heat being produced. By keeping the temperature steady or below boiling, the foam won’t be able to manifest. Regardless of the size of the pot watcher, this is pretty much how it works most of the time. 

Types of Pot Minders 

The most common type looks like a ceramic or glass disk. This kind of pot watcher is set under the pot before cooking starts. When the watcher is in place, the water and other ingredients are put in. Correctly installed, the pot watcher will keep the temperature right. 

There is another type of pot watcher. This one is used to manage the extra foam, rather than the water. A conical apparatus is linked up to the pot’s lid. This will take back the extra foam in the water. Some lids have their own anti boil over features built in. 

These are the types with steam holes. These can also prevent boil over from occurring. There are other types of pot watchers out there. They include an electric pot watcher made of a coiled plastic hose and an air blowing unit. This unit is to be placed adjacent to the pot. It will produce a stream of air over the water to keep it cool. 

The size of the pot watcher varies quite a bit so you need to make sure the right type is chosen. This is the best way to ensure you get the pot watcher suited for your kitchen needs. 

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