Rotary Tiller Dimensions

A rotary tiller is used for readying soil for planting purposes. The tool is used by landscaping companies and also by gardeners. They are also known as garden tillers, roto tillers and Mantis tillers.

Rotary Tiller Dimensions: RTR0542 Series

This rotary tiller has a 42" tilling width with the tool having an overall width of 46 1/2". There are five flanges with 4 tines per flange. The rear deflector, storage stands and skid shoes are all adjustable. The gearbox is 25 HP input at 540 rpm 1.92:1 ratio and the rotor swing diameter is 13". The rotor shaft speed is 230 rpm at 540 rpm PTO.


The rotary tiller has gained favor among gardeners as it can be used for work on lawns and tiling the garden. Another advantage of the rotary tiller is that they are less costly than the cultivators. Cultivators are often used in farms, and their cost is not practical for home users.

Usage and Application

Whatever the rotary tiller dimensions are, they are designed to compact earth or break up sod. This is necessary for preparing a new vegetable garden. The rotary tiller can also be used to prepare the lawns and flowerbeds.

Another application is when furrows have to be plowed for seeds. They are used for preparing seedlings and digging holes for plants. The features of the rotary tiller also make it ideal for small gardens.

Another way to use the tiller is for maintaining a garden. If you have a garden, the rotary tiller can also be utilized for growing plants and weeding. The tines also aid in the combining of manure and other organic materials needed by the plants. Some gardeners also use the tool to make their potting mix.

Design and Types

The rotary tiller is created with a couple of sets of circular blades. These are connected to the motorized shaft. As the tiller turns, it digs into the top soil to a specified depth. The tine will become loose. This will lift up the soil and turn it.

There are three types of tillers: the tractor motored, rear and front tine tillers. The rear and front tillers have the tines at the rear and front of the units respectively. These tillers are designed differently to cope with the needs of gardeners.

Those who are into gardening should find these machines useful. Because the rotary tiller dimensions are diverse, it is best if an assessment of the tiller is done first.

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