How Big is a Sleeping Bag?

There are many sleeping bag sizes because people have different needs. The proceeding information will explain some of the variants available.

Semi-Rectangular Bag

Many versions of this bag measure 8 x 17 inches. It usually has a tapered foot and a contoured hood. This is designed to give sufficient space for the individual.

There are much bigger versions available for those over 6 ft 4 in tall. You need to take your physique into account before you decide what to buy.

The Mummy Bag Sizes

Some of these bags measure 230 x 80 x 60 cm. The bigger models measure around 33 x 84 inches. The bag is so-called because it wraps you up like a mummy. If it gets very cold in the area, this is something you should consider. These are suitable for smaller individuals.

Women-Specific Sleeping Bags

As the name suggests, the sleeping bag sizes here are for women. Many have dimensions of 8 x 18 x 18 inches. Other bags have dimensions of 74 x 28.5 inches. You will also come across bags with sizes of 35 x 22 inches.

Insulation issues

Aside from size, insulation has to be evaluated. The most effective is down. In terms of warmth to weight ratio, it is the best. Properly taken care of, it will last for years. Down is best for cold, not wet weather.

The higher the fill, the warmer it is going to be. An alternative to down is synthetic insulation. It can provide as much warmth. The main drawback is its weight. If you carry a lot of camping gear, the extra weight is going to be a burden.

Other Considerations

Many sleeping bags use nylon fabric or polyester for the lining and shell. The more expensive bags are made of breathable laminates that are waterproof. You also have to look at the stitching. A low quality bag will have stitching that goes in the outer and inner bag layers.

These kinds of bags cannot be used for temperatures over 45 degrees F (7 C). The quilted style also means less warmth. The baffled types have outer and interior stitches that do not join up. Of course you have to select a bag that is proper for your body shape.

You should study the sleeping bag sizes thoroughly before you buy. Each of the bags described here have different features. By using the information provided above, you can make the proper decisions before you buy.

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