Smallest Camera

The smallest camera in the world was created by Misumi in August 2007. Called the MO-R803, the cylindrical device is 15 mm long and 4.4 mm in diameter. The gadget has a 320 x 240 pixel QVGA capture feature. There is also a color CMOS camera chip measuring 1/18”.

Features of the MO-R803

The MO-R803 is described as a snake camera. It is set on a flexile wire. There are a couple of lenses available, one with the 55 degree field of vision lens and the 105 degree wide angle lens. The camera is small enough so it can be placed in otherwise inaccessible spots. It can be used as an inspection or medical tool.

How Digital Cameras Function

Traditional cameras work by exposing the film to make an imprinted image. Their digital counterparts work differently. Majority of them employ a charge-coupled device (CCD). This is a component that makes a pixel map.

The maps are based on electrical charges produced when photons strike a sensitive object. This is known as the
photoelectric effect. The phenomenon was explained by Einstein in a 1905 paper.

Digital cameras, be it the smallest camera in the world or larger versions, can also use CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor).


The term CCD camera is sometimes used instead of digital camera. This is acceptable because CCD based devices takes pictures digitally. These are images with specific pixel by pixel resolution. Today, files from these devices can be transferred into computers. From there, the image can be printed. These files can also be transferred into phones.

Other Components

An integrated circuit is the term used for a charge coupled device. This means multiple semiconductor elements are used on a combined platform. The capacitors are the active components in these digital devices. These are hooked on the circuit.

The capacitor is an electronic component that contains a voltage at the variance between a couple of plates. These plates have opposing electrical charges but are equal.


The light sensitivity is 35 times better than the traditional camera. That is the reason why they are favored by professional photographers. Due to their configuration, there is no need to develop a film.

Since the trend in technology is making devices more compact, it may not be long before the smallest camera in the world is surpassed by another one. The nice thing about these devices is that the features are increased even as the size gets smaller.

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