How Big is a Bread Machine?

Eating bread is a delight to a lot of people; making bread is a stress-reliever for some people. Although it is pretty much a complicated task, some people are willing to go through the whole ceremony of bread making – mixing and kneading and rising. While some are that passionate about bread making, others just want to have something freshly made on the table but are not prepared for the complex procedure ahead. For them, there is an effective machine that meets all their requirements – the bread machine.

Bread Machine 101

A bread machine is a powerful tool for bakers. It allows them to skip the difficult, complex steps in bread making – mixing and kneading and rising. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy freshly baked breads the traditional way minus most of the errands.

By pushing a button, you will be able to enjoy a dough ready for your bidding on what shape or size you want it to be. Then, it is ready for the oven. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to enjoy freshly baked goodness without the hassle.

A bread machine comes in many different sizes and shapes. There small, square models that are designed for 1lb loaves. There are also large models that can easily make two loaves at once. The size of the bread machine as well as the pan is determined by the amount of weight it can carry.

Bread Machine Tips

A bread machine is pretty much a convenient baking aid to have around any kind of kitchen. However, you have to know the tool well to be able to use it the right way. Here are some tips:

Make sure to use the rapid-rise yeast or what others call the bread machine yeast. Your yeast must be stored correctly to ensure it will not spoil or expire. Use the right amount at the right time.

Keep all the ingredients at room temperature before putting them into the bread machine.

Be very careful with your ingredients. Use the right measurements, the right variety, and the right timing in putting them in. They all figure in the outcome of your baked treat.

Use the right size of machine for the amount of dough you have. It should not be too small or too big for your dough.

Check your dough every once in a while. Although your machine can handle the task at once, you should take a peek into your dough after it is mixed. It has to be sticky and not wet. Add some flour or liquid to achieve the slightly sticky state.

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