Bed Dimensions

kingsizedbedBesides the price tag, you’ll need to know something about bed dimensions so you can pick the most suitable one for you. The following information may prove useful. 

An Overview of Bed Sizes

The twin bed measures 39 x 75 inches. The X long twin measures 39 x 80. The full measures 54 x 75 while the queen 60 x 80 inches. The king size bed measures 76 x 80 inches. The California King is slightly bigger at 72 x 84 inches. The fitted sheet measurements are the same for all bed types.

For the flat sheets, the twin measures 66 x 96 inches. The X long twin is at 66 x 102 inches and the full at 81 x 96. The queen goes up to 90 x 102 and the king 108 x 102. The California King also comes in at 108 x 102.

With respect to the comforters, the bed dimensions are as follows: for the twin it’s 68 x 86 inches. The full and queen both come in at 86 x 86. The king and California King are set at 100 x 90.

Twin and Twin Extra Long Beds

Also known as single beds, these can fit even in small rooms. It’s ideal for children or for use in guest rooms. Most of these have a trundle below the bed. This can be used as another bed. The extra long twin is usually 5 inches longer than the average twin bed. This bed is ideal for teenagers, which is why they’re often seen in dorms.

The twin bed is the least expensive, but sometimes it can be too small. With larger bed dimensions, the twin extra long is more ideal.

The Full and Queen Beds

The full or double bed is wider than the twin by 15”. In terms of width the queen is bigger than the double by 6”. However it allocates less space for two people than a twin bed.

The full size is usually 75” which might not be enough for tall people. However it’s a fit for those 5’5 or under. Sheets for full beds are also cheaper than the queen or king. A queen bed is bigger than the twin or the double bed. It’s ideal for medium sized master bedrooms and guest rooms.

King and California King  

The king is also known as Eastern King/Standard King, while the California King is sometimes referred to as Western King. Don’t be confused by these names when evaluating bed dimensions.

A king sized bed is equal to the size of two twin extra long beds. Keep in mind that while flat sheets will fit both Eastern and Western Kings, fitted sheets are specific for each model. A king sized bed is as long as a queen, but it’s wider by 16”. It’s the widest bed available.

Width wise, the California King is larger than the queen by 12”. 4” longer than a queen bed, it’s the longest sold in most stores. Both Eastern and Western Kings have one mattress and two springs (half width).

These bed dimensions are fairly standard, so keep them in mind when shopping. It’ll help you avoid making mistakes.

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