Drill Press Sizes


The drill press sizes are determined by assessing the distance from the column to the drill head chuck. The figure is then doubled, and the result is the drill press dimensions. If the measurement from column to the chuck center is 20.32 cm (8 inches), the drill press would be 16 inches (40.64 cm). 

Other Facts about the Measurements 

The figure is obtained for the following reason. While the tool can bore a hole 8 inches at the straight board’s side, the tool can drill a hole at the middle of a 16 inch circle. This means the biggest board diameter it can work on is 16 inches. 

General Information about the Drill Press

Also called the bench drill, it is a tool used for drilling precisely positioned holes at pre-determined widths, depths and straightness. It is used by carpenters, machinists and woodworkers. It is a staple in construction projects that require accuracy. 

Design and Composition 

Even if the drill press sizes differ, they share several components. These include the drill head, spindle, base and column. The base or foundation is usually a tabletop, but custom built metal legs are also used. All drill press models will have a surface or table where the materials will be worked on. 

It is placed under the drill spindle and head and it will turn and keep the bit in position. 

Some bench drill press models are portable but the power is limited. For heavy duty work, the floor model drill will be more appropriate. These models can also be fitted with more accessories. 

Other Features 

The typical drill press is fitted with a 3-armed handle connected to the head. This is used to lower and raise the bit. These arms provide you with greater flexibility and ease of use. 

Many units will have a depth-stop to prevent the tool from reaching a certain point. This feature allows you to create even holes in different locations. This is applicable regardless of what material is used. 

Most drill press models are driven by motors, allowing it to work at different speeds. This will make your work easier. The different speeds also help the user work at different tasks. The speed variables you can use will vary depending on the model. 

Before you buy this tool, check the drill press sizes using the method described earlier. Check the specifications thoroughly. If you use the wrong tool, this could damage the board or the device. 

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