How Big is a Steam Iron?

Steam iron sizes vary depending on the manufacturer. Some measure 10.4 x 4.3 x 5.3 inches, 12.4 x 5 x 6 inches and 11 x 4 x 4 inches. Others are more compact.

How the Device Works

This apparatus is designed to remove wrinkles on fabrics and clothes. This is made possible because the device uses superheated water. Usually, distilled water is put in a container. The water is transformed into steam.

The conversion process varies depending on the manufacturer. The mist emanates from the soleplate holes. The soleplate is the bottom part of the device. What the steam does is slacken clothing fibers. The pressing motion removes the wrinkles.

Steam and Dry Iron

Many traditional dry irons can use steam. The liquid is placed inside a reservoir. The water is heated up to the point it becomes steam. The iron handle has a switch so you can choose the steam level. You will see the steam emerging from orifices set close to the pressing plate tip.

For regular ironing chores, the steam and dry iron combination will be enough. The steam produced by dry iron may not seem much. But this is actually enough to slacken clothing fibers that are wrinkled.

If you are ironing quilts or curtains, greater amounts of steam are required. In this case the true steam iron sizes and variants are required. Just like the other variants, distilled water is poured in a container.

Now you just have to push a button to get the steam. To get more steam, the soleplate must have a lot of holes. The rule of thumb is the heavier the materials to be ironed, the more holes are required.

Other Features

More complex irons have handheld wands. These wands are used to point steam clouds to vertically-hung garments. The steam will be sufficient to remove any wrinkles without having to press. Today the vertical steam is what most consumers look for.

There are some steam / iron combos that can produce steam only when the iron is set horizontally on the board. The vertical steaming allows the device to be used on curtains and other materials vertically aligned.

If you are going to buy, you have to study other features besides the steam iron sizes. You should check the steam level control. Common models just have the on/off button. You cannot choose the steam level. The superior models will have a dial so you can get the proper temperature.

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