Bicycle Tire Sizes Explained

Riding a bike can be one of the most liberating experiences you could have. It gives you power; it works you out; it lets you enjoy the outdoors. Bike riding can be a good stress reliever as it will help you manage y your nerves through the workout and the adventure in itself.

But riding a bike is not as simple as getting a bike, learning how to ride, and charging it to as far as you can reach.

Responsible biking tells you that you have to think about a lot of other things than just not falling from it for the duration of your ride.

Gear Up

One of the most important things to think about is to have a proper gear. It is mandatory for some 21 states that bike riders should be in a proper gear, most especially when it comes to the head gear. Yes, it is mandatory for riders to wear a bike helmet as it is for car drivers to wear their seatbelts. If you have issues regarding bike safety, wearing a helmet makes for a sensible idea.

Also, you need to pick a proper outfit for your biking adventure, including gloves, and the like.

Choosing your Bike

Also, much though must be given to choosing what type of bike should you ride. The kind of bike and the size you pick will say a lot about comfort and performance. These two things are highly important for serious bike riders.

There are many types of bikes available, which will fit every man, woman, or child who has that intent of taking a road adventure on those two-wheeled units.

Speaking of wheels, you should also be concerned about your bike tires. That says a lot as well about the quality of ride you will enjoy for a long time. As with the bike frame size, you must understand that bike tire sizes vary, depending on the type of bike you are dealing with. The size of the wheel is usually imprinted on the sides of the tires itself. Take a peek on it so you will know what size of replacement tires you should pile up.

You may replace your bike tires with a different set, but not without a tutorial from a professional. Make sure that some will have bicycle tire sizes explained to you before you even decide on getting a slicker type. It is always better to be safe rather than be sorry in the end.

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