Dimension of a Peel

A pizza peel (or just peel) is used for putting pizzas in the oven. Whether you make them occasionally or regularly, the peel can be a practical and handy tool. It keeps you from the heat and speeds up the process as well.

Peel Dimensions: CounterArt Bamboo Pizza Peel

The CounterArt Bamboo Pizza Peel measures 20 x 12 x 0.5 inches. The peel is constructed from grade A edge grain natural bamboo. The front edge is tapered. This allows the peel to slide below the pizza and peel it out of the oven.

The CounterArt peel can be used for bread as well. You may also use the peel in baking stones. The large dimensions make it suitable for home ovens. Alternatively, the peel can be used for appetizers. The hole at the handle lets you hang it for easy storage and access.

Peel Dimensions: Ironwood Gourmet

The Ironwood Gourmet measures 14 x 14 inches. The peel is made from acacia wood. The peel is available in a wide range of colors, from dark browns to gold. It has stainless grommet and a loop, allowing you to hang the peel after using it.

This peel shape and size makes it easy to move the pizza from the countertop to your oven. It is best if you do not prepare the pizza too far ahead before placing it in the baking stone.

This ensures the peel will work perfectly. The peel is thick and has a tapered edge, so sliding in pizzas will not be difficult.

Peel Dimensions: EXO Super Peel

The Super Peel measures 24 x 14 x 0.5 inches. The peel is made from solid ash. It comes with a sliding pastry cloth belt. This is a non sticking utility that can be used for lifting pizza and doing other cooking tasks. This is detachable and can be machined washed.

The peel makes it easier to move wet dough from your counter to the oven or the baking stone. The peel may also be utilized when preparing cookies, flatbreads and various types of loaves. The peel shape lets you put the dough in the oven safely without the toppings coming off.

Peel Dimensions: Mario Batali

The Mario Batali peel measures 12-3/4 x 16-1/2 inches. This tool can be used for moving pizza in and out of baking stones and ovens. It may also be used for focaccia and calzone. It is constructed of stainless steel.

Although the surface is thin, it is designed to be durable. The Mario Batali peel handle is made of wood, making it comfortable to hold. The handle may be folded, so it does not take up too much space. The Mario Batali peel may be cleaned by hand washing. The handle may be removed if you want to clean it in a dishwasher.

The pizza peel dimensions will determine how big a pizza you can put in. You should also check the edges. If they are not tapered, it will be difficult to lift the pizza dough.

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