Bag Dimensions

Bags have different uses—for formal, casual, and raggedBag Dimensions occasions. Bag dimensions should fit the occasion the accessory is intended for. Here are some guidelines for deciding bag measurements when designing one.

For Casual Use

Casual uses of bags include window-shopping, sight-seeing, going to the office, or just plain going out. Women especially need to strap a bag around their shoulders or arms each time they go out. When designing one for such purposes, bag dimensions need not result to a too bulky product. Just consider a few items often brought along for casual occasions to get an idea of how big a casual bag should be. Like, make-up kits, a purse, a small address and phone number notebook with a small pen, cell phone and charger, mini tissue box, and a tiny bottle of perfume perhaps. Bag measurements of 12 by 4 inches would do with a height of 4 inches.

School and Shopping

Bags for school and shopping may be considered casual, but they need bigger bag dimensions. A school bag often carries bulky text books, notebooks, an extra shirt, and probably a small laptop and calculator. At least 14 to 15 inches high bags with widths of 6 to 7 inches would do the trick. Designs with bigger bag measurements are sometimes equipped with rollers at the bottom.

For Formal Use

Most accessories for formal use are slim and small. Anything bulky is awkward for formal occasions. Hence, bag dimensions for this purpose should result to a look no bigger than a purse. A size 1 or 3 inches by 4 or 5 inches with a height of 3 or 4 inches should do. Formal clutch bags for men are usually sized 2 by 5 inches with a height of 4 inches. Because bag measurements for formal use are smaller, they are often of expensive material, like costly leather.

For travelers who opt for a formal look, they choose smart-looking luggage or attaché cases. The bag dimensions depend on what items are intended to be put—laptop, clothes, documents, or some accessories like cameras or compact audio-video systems.

For Ragged Use

When construction site workers bring bags, they want those not only of tough material. They look for something spacious yet not too huge to look at. The same with campers, athletes, and travelers. Often, they need bags with several compartments provided inside. Bag measurements, in this case, depend on the number and size of compartments provided. Some provide additional sections attached on the outside aside from those inside, and this definitely affects bag dimensions.

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