Worlds Biggest Animals

Animals have roamed the earth for thousands of years, inhabiting both land and sea. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these animals can be friendly and domesticated making for great pets but a good number of them are also predatory animals.
Have you ever wondered what the world’s largest animals are though?
Some of the World’s Biggest Animals
1. Blue Whale – Scientifically known as Balaenoptera musculus, the Blue Whale is by far the biggest sea mammal known to still exist today. Measuring more than one hundred and eight feet and weighing a whopping one hundred and eighty metric tons, the blue whale has a long and narrow body, in shades of blue-gray.
It can be considered as an endangered species, numbering only now from about five thousand to twelve thousand from its previous count of more than two hundred thousand some decades ago.
2. African Elephant – This giant of an animal is considered as the biggest land animal to still exist today. Larger than Asian elephants, the male African Elephant measures about ten to thirteen feet tall and weighs a staggering ten thousand up to thirteen and three hundred thousand pounds.
The female African Elephant on the other hand, measures approximately seven to eight and one-half feet tall and weighs about four thousand and eight hundred up to seven thousand one hundred and thirty pounds.
3. Polar Bear – Larger than its brown counterpart, an adult male polar bear can grow anywhere from eight to eight and one-half feet in length and can weigh from nine hundred up to one thousand and five hundred pounds.
The female polar bear on the other hand is about half the average weight of her male counterpart. 
4. Saltwater Crocodile – This animal is considered as the largest reptile that still exists today. Also known as estuarine crocodile, a mature male saltwater crocodile weighs about one thousand and three hundred up to two thousand and two hundred pounds and is about thirteen to eighteen feet in length.
The female saltwater crocodile on the other hand, can weigh up to one thousand pounds and grow anywhere between seven and eleven feet in length. 
5. Giraffe – Giraffes are the undisputed tallest land animal to date. Mature male giraffes can weigh up to two thousand and six hundred pounds while a mature female giraffe has an average weight of one thousand and eight hundred pounds.
Giraffes can grow anywhere from fourteen up to seventeen feet tall. However, the tallest giraffe ever recorded measured up to twenty feet tall. 

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