Standard Truck Bed Dimensions

The standard truck bed dimensions vary depending on the size of the truck. The typical short bed truck size is 76 to 82 inches (length) by 60 to 72 inches (wide). The width is the same for long bed trucks. However, the length can reach 100 inches or more.

How to Remove a Truck Bed

Required Tools and Materials

Jack stands
Wrench set
Ratchet/socket set
Two saw horses
Two assistants

Step 1

Put the saw horses close to the truck bed.

Step 2

Use the jack to lift the rear of the truck. Put a jack below the sides of the bed. This will allow the frame to rest on the stands. Properly installed, it will keep the truck steady but not affect the bed.

Step 3

The next step is to find and remove the bolts on the bed corners. Whether it has standard truck bed dimensions or not, a couple of the bolts should be at the front. You can find the other two bolts at the back of the bed. In some beds, there is only one bolt at the rear.

Step 4

Look for the taillights wiring under the back of the bed. When you find it, open up the gas cap. Take out the nuts and bolts. This ought to disconnect the gas tank neck from the bed.

Step 5

Set the truck back on the ground. Ask your two helpers to stand near the bed corners. Help them lift up the bed. Remove the bed from the truck. Put the bed on the saw horses. Put the gas cap on the tank. You are done.

Tips and Warnings

It is important that the wiring or gas cap be disconnected off the tail lights. If not, it may get damaged if the bed is suddenly removed. Do not neglect this part.

Make sure that the saw horses are near the bed. Truck beds are heavy; it will be especially so if they are 100 inches or longer. Be certain the jacks are placed properly. Otherwise the truck will be very difficult to lift up. If you are going to repair the bed, make sure the repair tools are close by.

The standard truck bed dimensions described here are for the United States. The truck bed sizes used in other countries may not necessarily match these. In some countries, millimeters may be the measurements used for truck beds. The company website should make it clear.

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