Standard Lap Pool Length

Made from materials such as fiberglass, Standard Lap Poolplastic or metal, a swimming pool is a body of water designed specifically for the purpose of swimming and recreation. Public pools are found in various places including in private clubs, fitness centers as well as health clubs. This facility is often used for training astronauts and lifeguards, diving as well as playing different kinds of sports. In addition to these highly interesting details, it is good to know the standard lap pool length.

The Length of a Standard Lap Pool

In the United States, there are three basic types of swimming pools, namely long course pools, short course meter pools and short course yard pools. The standard lap length of the first one is 33.33 meters. Meanwhile, the second one has a standard length of 25 meters. In the third type of pool, each lap measures 25 yards or 22.86 meters. In public pools, each lap may measure somewhere between 25 to 50 meters. In international swimming competitions, especially those sanctioned by the International Swimming Federation or FINA, the measurement of every lap is 25 meters or 50 meters depending on the events involved.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

For the purpose of therapy and relaxation, people usually go to indoor pools like spas and hot tubs. These types of pool can be seen widely in hotels, massage parlors as well as homes. For those who wish to exercise, they can actually pay visit to the public pools found within fitness centers, private clubs and health clubs. Because pools are open to the public, it is very much possible for them to contain various types of algae, viruses and bacteria. These problems can be solved with the use of chemical disinfectants as well as additional filters.

Based on the Guinness World Records, San Alfonso del Mar is the biggest pool in the world, which is made up of seawater found within the City of Algarrobo in Chile. Its length measures 3,320 feet or 1,013 meters. It opened in December 2006, which covers a total area of 20 acres or 8 hectares. In North America, the biggest indoor wave swimming pool is situated right within the heart of West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.

The Neutral Buoyancy Lab within the Sonny Carter Training Facility in Houston is considered as the biggest indoor pool. It is part of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. In the United States, the largest pool ever recorded was the Fleishhacker Pool, which can be found in the City of San Francisco in California. Because of low patronage, it closed in 1971. The pool measured 980 by 150 feet or 300 by 45 meters.

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