Standard Dress Shirt Sizes

The following are the standard dress shirt sizes in the US. These are not necessarily the sizes used in other countries.

Typical Shirt Sizes

The sizes are small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large. The neck sizes are 14 – 14 1/2 (small), 15 – 15 1/2 (medium), 16 – 16 1/2 (large), 17 – 17 1/2 (XS large) and 18 – 18 1/2 (XX Large). The sleeve lengths are 32 – 33 (small), 32 – 33 (medium), 34 – 35 (large), 34 – 35 (X large) and 35 – 36 (XX large).

How to Take Dress Shirt Measurements


Tape measure
An assistant

Step 1

Get a measuring tape. Measure around the neck below the Adam’s apple. Add half an inch to the total measurement. The result is the neck size.

Step 2

Place your arms on your sides. Keep the arms straight down but don’t stiffen them.

Step 3

Have your assistant put the start of the tape measure on your neck’s base. Place it in the middle between your shoulders. You can try this measurement yourself, but the results may be inaccurate.

Step 4

Run the measuring tape from your shoulder’s top all the way to your wrist. Your assistant is doing it right if the tape makes a right angled L shape. Ask your assistant to read the figures on the tape measure. The result is the length of your arm.

Dress Shirt Fits

There are three main types: full, regular and athletic. The regular dress shirts are loose while the full are even looser. The athletic dress shirts are the tightest fitting. Unless indicated otherwise, the standard dress shirt sizes are regular. Make sure that you measure both arms. Don’t assume they are of the same length.

Boys’ Dress Shirts

Step 1

Measure at the biggest part of the boy’s neck. This is close to the neck’s base at the buttons of the collar. Add half an inch for a comfortable fit. If you want a loose fitting collar, add one inch to the figure. Round the results to 1/2 always. If the result is 14 1/8 inches, the neck size is 14 1/2 inches.

Step 2

Measure the arm length. This process is the same as the one described above.

When measuring the standard dress shirt sizes for boys, add an inch to the arm length. This will ensure the sleeve will be visible even if you are wearing a jacket.

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