Backyard Volleyball Court Size

The ideal backyard volleyball court size would be 29 1/2 feet wide and 59 feet long. Many backyards can accommodate this space. But if your backyard is not that big, make the playing area smaller. But make sure you decrease the dimensions proportionally.

Setting up a Yard for Volleyball

The playing area should be grassy and level. Avoid locations with a slope. Once you find a site, use a measuring tape to outline the edges. Be certain there are no rocks, plants, stumps or other obstructions. These will get in the way and may cause an injury. Use a shovel to get rid of rocks.

A note about the grass: it should be only two inches at most. Mosquitoes and other insects hide there. A height of a couple of inches will be sufficient.

Taking Measurements

Using a tape measure ensures the backyard volleyball court size is correct. Mark every line in two spots minimum. This is to ascertain the line is straight. Apply small amounts of white spray paint on the surface. In case you make a mistake, it won’t be a big deal.

Apply a dot of spray paint in the center of court along the 29 1/2 feet mark. Go to the center line. Take a measurement of nine feet, 10 inches going to the back line. This will mark the separation point between the back line and the front line positioning.

Spray Painting the Lines

Begin spray painting the lines. Make sure the lines are not crooked. If they are straight, use spray paint to fill in the lines. In pro volleyball, the lines are 2 inches wide. For backyard play though, it can be any thickness.

Install a Net

Volleyball nets are available online. But you will probably find one in your local sporting goods store. Buy one there; you can save on the shipping costs. But if they’re not available, go online. Basic nets are installed using stakes. Of course you can always purchase a professional net. These are going to be more expensive though.

Professional nets will require you to cement it into the ground. This means you have to do some digging. You will also need some cement, wheel barrel and water. Put the posts in the hole and pour the cement. Let it dry for a couple of days.

Volleyball is a fun sport and is also good exercise. By simply knowing how to measure backyard volleyball court size, you’ll have one set up in no time.

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