Biggest Tuna Ever Caught

The biggest tuna ever caught is a Bluefin tuna weighing 1,496 lbs. It was caught by Ken Fraser off Nova Scotia in 1979.

Tuna Species

Nine tuna species are currently known. The most widely fished are the Skipjack, Albacore, Yellow fin and Bluefin. Bluefin is highly valued in Japan where it is used in sashimi and sushi. Yellow fins are known as ahi in the United States and Hawaii. Skipjack and albacore are also popular. They are cooked, canned and sold in many countries.

The tuna is probably the most commercially harvested fish in the world. Among the biggest producers are the US, Japan and Spain.

Tuna Meat

The biggest tuna ever caught has dark meat and so do most of the species. This makes it is suitable for grilling, cooking in oil and other cooking methods. Health conscious people love it because of the high Omega 3 content.

Tuna meat is also rich in protein. However, some tuna species can accumulate mercury. That is the reason why their consumption should be limited. Some health experts recommend a serving of Bluefin tuna once a month.

Tuna meat is favored by many because it doesn’t possess the fishy flavor prevalent in other fish. Another reason for its popularity is its versatility. It can be grilled, fermented, dried or canned. It can also be served fresh.

Catching Tuna

Tuna is usually captured using nets. The traditional method however, led to dolphins being inadvertently captured too. This would force companies to develop other means to catch tuna.

While often captured for commercial uses, others do so for sport. Its muscular and combative nature makes it a challenge for anglers. One of the biggest captured by anglers weighed over 400 lbs.

Conservation Efforts

Heavy fishing is the reason why many tuna species are now endangered. Apart from commercial harvesting, illegal tuna fishing is rampant. For this reason, fishing restrictions have been enforced. This is particularly true in the Atlantic.

Some countries have begun experimenting with tuna farming. These are proving to be a viable alternative to commercial fishing. Farmed tuna is also now used for replenishing wildlife stocks. The Bluefin has proven to be quite agreeable to aquaculture. The same can be said for the other tuna species.

There is no telling how long the record for the biggest tuna ever caught will stand. It remains to be seen whether another angler will be able to catch a Bluefin that exceeds 1,500 lbs.

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