What is the Size of a Shoe Rack?

A shoe rack will help keep your shoes organized by giving you a specific space upon which to deposit your pairs of shoes instead of having them lying around the room.

There are various sizes of shoe racks and some of these can be placed in one corner of the room or while others can easily fit inside your closet.

What is the size of a shoe rack anyway?

Shoe Rack Sizes

If you’ve been wondering “What is the size of a shoe rack?” so you can determine which one to get, you have three basic options: one that is at a fixed size, one that is expandable and one that is stackable.

Fixed Shoe Rack

This type of shoe rack comes in fixed dimensions which basically means that it cannot be widened or expanded to accommodate more pairs as you grow your shoe collection.

What Size is a Shoe Rack with Fixed Dimensions?

There are quite a few shoe racks that come in this style. You can find one that measures around 33 inches in width by 13 inches in depth by 26 inches in height.

These dimensions make it easy for you to store the shoe rack inside your closet so it will be out of sight.

Sometimes, the shoe rack also comes with a mud tray so you can place your muddy shoes on these to keep the rack clean and also to avoid your other pairs of shoes from getting muddy as well.

For the above dimensions, a mud tray that can fit right onto the tray is one that measures approximately 27.56 inches in length by 13 inches in width.

If you have about twenty pairs of shoes, “What is the size of a shoe rack?” that can accommodate all twenty pairs is that it is usually about 35 inches in length by 19 inches in width by 6.5 inches in depth.

Expandable Shoe Rack

Expandable shoe racks make it easy for you to save space if you only have a few pairs of shoes and to widen the rack in case you need additional space in the future.

Usually, the question “What is the size of a shoe rack?” of the expandable variety may be answered with: it is roughly around 9.13 inches in depth by 14 inches in height by 24.75 inches in width.

This size can be expanded up to about 46 inches in width.

Stackable Shoe Rack

A stackable shoe rack also works in the same capacity as an expandable type in that you can add more space for your shoes in the event that you have filled out the available space and you need more.

What is the size of a shoe rack that is of the stackable model?

This type may come in dimensions of 31 inches in height by 24 inches in width by 12 inches in depth.

You can take down one or two tiers if you only have a few pairs and add tiers when the need arises.

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