20 Ft Container Dimensions

20 ft container dimensions are traditionally used to refer to boxes used for storing cargo. Today, the 20 ft measurement is used more for convenience rather than as an exact figure.


The dimensions are usually 20 ft by 8 ft by 8 ft. The external size of the container is nearly 1280 cubic feet. The inside is about 1180 cubic feet. However, these exact figures are not always used. Some companies may add a few or even several inches to these measurements.

The number of objects you can put in the container depends on the size. Realistically, the limit is 1,000 cubic feet. Even if you can put something bigger in it, the object will be almost impossible to take out.

The ISO Standard

20 ft container dimensions are no longer used in international shipping. Even so, it is still one of the ISO standard sizes. Even though bigger containers have emerged, the 20 footer is still used as the basic measurement unit.


The 20 foot equivalent unit (TEU) is the most basic means for denoting shipping capacity. This means that a TEU length can be 24 to 35 feet but still be called 1 TEU.

Most of the time, the 8 ft width remains unchanged. The height can be 9 foot 6 inches (known as the high cube) or only 4 ft 3 inches. The most widely used height is 8 1/2 feet.

In spite of these differences, they are still equivalent to 1 TEU. The 2 TEU size is between 40 or 45 feet. A 2 TEU is equivalent to 1 FEU or a 40 foot container. Again, the mass and height is not important.

Gross Mass

For the 20 ft unit, the maximum mass is 24,000 kg for dry cargo. If it is a 40 foot container, the maximum is 30,480 kg. The maximum payload is 21,600 kg for the 20 ft unit. For the 40 ft versions, it is 26,500.

Other Information

The standard 21st century standard measurements for containers are the 48 and 53 containers. These are especially suited for ocean bound vessels. The 20 foot unit is still useful as a measurement. But for shipping companies, this size is now too small. They are only used for small deliveries.

Since the 20 ft container dimensions vary, you should determine what your exact needs are. It is all too easy to end up with a container that is too small.

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