Size of a Potato Peeler

The actual size of a potato peeler can make the difference in making the work of peeling a hard and tedious work or a simpler and quicker one for you to do.

Although, there are times when you may be tempted to just settle for any size of a potato peeler that you first set your eyes on at the market, you better be aware that you may have to deal with the problems of shopping for another one in a few days or so. A choice based on what you know is available for you is a better manner of doing things.

To have a more detailed view on what your choices are, here are a few types to remember:

The Y Style Type of Peeler

This version is designed in the letter Y. It has a half circle bracket that you can see from its handle. It also has a good sharp blade and is said to be really efficient. The available sizes in the market for these types may come in sizes of around 1400 by 1100 by 1000 mm with a net weight of around 600 kilograms. Other products may have dimensions of around 19 by 10.2 centimeters. There are also manufacturers that have designed this type of peeler with dimensions of around 14.3 by 7 by 1.9 centimeters with a weight of around 454 grams.

The Knife Style Type of Peeler

These types are sold with inexpensive rates. That is why there are a lot of people who choose to purchase this. However, some people find this to be inefficient. The available sizes are around 460 by 470 by 790 mm. You may also notice other products of this type having 25 by 26.5 centimeters with a weight of around 1.96 kilograms.

The Potato Peeling Gloves Type of Peeler

Gloves used to peel potatoes sound really superb. All you need to do is wear the gloves and rub them on the potatoes. Most of these products are made to be waterproof and very comfortable to use. Its weight may be around .45 kilograms. Size may be around 50 by 30 by 30 centimeters.

The Electric Peeler

An electric type may be sold with dimensions of around 28 inches by 19 inches by 23 inches with a weight of around 74 pounds. Others have sizes of around 22.8 by 19 by 28 inches for its length, width, and height. Most products of this type have a weight set at around 75 pounds or 22 pounds. You may find them a little expensive for your tastes, but this is a very good choice when it comes to peeling great batches of potatoes compared to doing it manually.

So, you see, the size of a potato peeler – together with the type of product you may need to help you with peeling potatoes – matters a lot. So bear these things in mind.

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