How Much is a Dash of Salt?

Salt is constant in almost every recipe, even in cakes and pastries. It is used as an ingredient to every dish as it helps balance out the sugary and acidity flavors of food.

More than knowing whether a recipe calls for salt or not, it is knowing how much salt is need that actually matters.

For newbie cooks, understanding kitchen terms can be maddening but you can always make do with some good references that will help shed light. How much is a dash of salt, for example?

Well, a dash of salt is just about 1/16 of a teaspoon. It is almost equivalent to a pinch, only, a pinch is as much as the amount of salt you can hold in between your forefinger and you thumb. A dash, meanwhile, is as much salt as you can quickly sprinkle on your dish.

Cooking with Salt

As you go along your kitchen adventure, you will realize that every kind of dish requires a different measurement of everything, including salt.

An inclusion of salt in the recipe does not always mean just your regular table salt. Some recipes require other types or a different grind of salt. Since you are just a newbie in cooking, it is best that you follow the requirements of the recipe as is. You will learn to make deviations to improve the taste of your dish according to your preference when you have gained enough experience in the kitchen.

Technically, salt is used according to taste or how salty you want your dish to be. But you can always check out a general guideline if you are barely sure of the amount you must use.

* If you are using salt in boiling vegetables, you must put a teaspoon for every three cups of water.

* For boiling pasta, 2 quarts of pasta water must be matched with a tablespoon of salt.

* For every four cups of flour, an addition of a teaspoon of salt is required.

* For a quart of sauce or soup, you will need about a teaspoon of salt.

Not Just For Seasoning, Salt’s also a Preservative

Salt can be effectively used to preserve a wide number of food products. As you might know by now, it is the active ingredient in dried seafood. But did you know that salt can also help preserve fresh herbs?

Yes, a layer of kosher salt that will serve as a bedding for your favorite herbs like mint and basil will help preserve its flavors.

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