Dimension of a Crab Fork

Crabs come in many different varieties and sizes. But regardless of variety or size, there is only one way to eat steamed, broiled or grilled crabs. A side dipping of melted butter with a dash of lemon perks up the flavor of the crab, which should best be eaten while still warm. But since prepared crab does not keep warm very long, you must prepare the dipping while the crab is cooking in the pot or on the grill so that you can begin eating as soon as you are done cooking.

One sure sign that the crab is ready is when it starts to float and when the color of the shell has turned from a light to dark gray tint to a bright red color. The utensils that you will need for your crab dinner is a crab cracker and a crab fork. Crab crackers are table implements that look and function just like nutcrackers and are used to crack open crab legs and claws. The tasty meat morsel is then extracted by using a long and thin crab fork. The dimension of a crab fork is usually expressed in terms of its length measured either in inches or centimeters.

A crab fork is a special-purpose eating utensil usually made of stainless steel with a long thin handle that may either be plain or may feature elaborate designs. The tip of the fork usually has three tiny prongs that can scrape loose and spear delicious morsels of crabmeat from tight and inaccessible crevices of the crab such as claws and legs and other parts in the crab cavity.

The dimension of a crab fork expressed in length generally ranges from 7 to 7.75 inches, which is sufficiently long enough to be of use even if you feast on large sized crab species such as the King Crab. This specialized utensil is not only useful in eating crabs, but is also helpful in scooping out tasty morsels of meat of other seafood such as lobsters and shellfish.

When eating crab, you can choose to eat each morsel of crabmeat as you pick it off the shell or remove all the meat first and gather them in the dipping sauce where you can eat them all at once. Whichever way you choose to eat this seafood delicacy, a crab fork and crab cracker takes the difficulty out of eating your crab entrée and transforms it into a simple and enjoyable culinary experience.

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