Standard Refrigerator Dimensions

Strictly speaking, there are no standard refrigerator dimensions, as what is suitable for one person/family may not be for another. Family sized fridges are usually between 19 to 22 cubic feet. For apartment size models, the range is usually between 8 to 13 cubic feet.

How to Pick the Right Size

The first step is to measure the opening where the fridge will be placed. Unless you choose another location, your choice is limited to the dimensions of the opening. Bring it along when you shop. Ensure that the area is devoid of any obstructions.

If you are going to buy a unit with an ice maker, get the clearance behind the fridge’s location. This will be for connecting the filter and water line. The clearance is usually 2 inches.

Assess the Requirements

As stated earlier, the standard refrigerator dimensions cannot be applied to all individuals. However, homes with only two people will do fine with a 10 to 12 cu ft fridge. A 4 cu ft freezer will be sufficient. A larger unit will be necessary if the couple host a lot of parties.

Also consider future needs. If there are two individuals but the family is expected to grow, purchasing a bigger unit is advisable. But if not, there is no point getting a 26 cu ft unit. It will be a waste of money and time. These larger models also consume more power.

Interior Space

How easily can you move bins and shelves in the fridge? Are the freezer compartments adequate? If you put gallons or liters of drinks in the fridge, get one with several options for storage sizes. Make sure the freezer can hold the frozen items. Many of these are stored in large packages.

It is best to get a fridge that can hold two liter bottles and gallon containers in the doors upright. These will have split storage racks to hold the containers.

Other Considerations

If measuring cabinet openings for the fridge, do the measurement twice. Get the figures for the back and front. Use the smaller figure.

If your family is large, the standard refrigerator dimensions may not suffice. A 26 to 30 cu ft model is better. The freezer should be 12 to 14 cu ft. A family of four will find 18 to 22 cu ft models sufficient. The freezer can be 8 to 10 cu ft. Make sure the unit is energy efficient.

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