Size of Baby Baths

When it comes to taking care of the baby, parents usually get anxious over every detail; from feeding him too little or too much to pacifying a crying baby to changing their clothes and especially giving them baths.

Bath time for infants is often seen as a tremendous challenge especially for first-time parents. There is the fear of hurting the baby as he is being handled during bath time.

An essential item that parents look to for help and support during baby’s bath time is the baby bath or tub. Size of baby baths comes in various dimensions. Some of these can easily fit into the kitchen sink while others are perfect for table tops or even the floor.

Size of Baby Baths

Baby bath sizes vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. Size of baby baths that can fit into the average kitchen sink is usually around 26.7 inches long, 25.6 inches wide and about 1 inch deep.

This size is comfortable enough for newborn babies up to 6 months old or good for babies weighing up to 17 pounds.

If you have a big newborn, you can get the size of baby baths that comes in dimensions of 28.6 inches long, 17.9 inches wide and 9.8 inches deep.

For tubs that you can place down on the floor, some of these have legs for easy support while others simply lay flat on the floor. A typical baby bath with legs usually measures 28.8 inches long, 18.1 inches wide and 9.8 inches deep.

You can see that the size of baby baths do from the above-given examples do not differ much but the added inches can spell a huge difference between a comfortable bath time and having an irritable baby cramped into the tub.

There is also a longer baby bath that is ideal for large newborns and can be used well into the baby’s toddler years. This one usually measures 31 inches long, 16.2 inches wide and 9.2 inches deep.

Choosing the Right Size of Baby Baths

When it comes to choosing which size is best for your baby, the best thing that you can do is to place the baby in the tub and simulate giving him a bath.

This will not only help you determine if the size is right for your baby but it will also give you an idea if you will be comfortable while giving baby a bath.

Trying it on for size is the only way to help you decide which one will be perfect for your baby.

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