Snowboard Size Guide

The snowboard size indicated is only meant to be a general guide. Snowboard SizeYou also need to consider your comfort level and the board quality as well.

Snowboard Length

If your height is 4’2”, the board length should be 114 -120 cm. If the height is 4’4", the recommended board length is 115 – 125 cm. For 4.6" it should be 118 – 135 cm. Those standing 4’8” should get a board that’s 120 – 135 cm.

If you’re 4’10, the board length should be 125 – 140 cm. 130 – 142 cm is the board length if the height is 5 ft. Those 5’2” should get 135 – 145 cm while those standing 5’4” should get 140 – 148 cm boards.

The snowboard size if you’re 5’6” is 145 -152 cm. If you’re 5’8” the length will be 147 -155 cm. Those who stand 5’10”need a board 154- 163 cm. For those who stand 6’0”, the length should be 157-165 cm. A snowboard length of 160-168 cm is recommended for those 6’1”. If you stand 6’2”, the ideal snowboard length is 159 cm or greater.

Size Guide (Freeride and Freestyle)

The dimensions are for packed snow. Consider adding 9 cm if it is powder. If the rider is 70 lbs, freeride is 134 cm and freestyle 129 cm. If the rider is 80 lbs, the freeride is 137 cm (freestyle 132 cm).

For 90 lbs, freeride is 140 cm; freestyle 135 cm. If the rider is 100 lbs, freeride is 143 cm and freestyle is 138. For 110 lbs, the snowboard size for freeride is 146 and freestyle, 141 cm.

For 120 lbs, it is 149 cm for freeride and 144 for freestyle. At 130 lbs, it is 152 cm for freeride and 147 cm for freestyle. If you weigh 140 lbs, it should be 155 cm for freeride and 150 cm freestyle.

If the rider is 150 lbs, it should be 158 cm for freeride and 153 cm for freestyle. At 160 lbs, freeride should be 161 cm and 156 cm for freestyle. At 170 lbs, freeride should be 162 cm and 157 cm for freestyle.

At 180 lbs, the freeride should be 162 cm and 158 cm for freestyle. If the rider is 190 lbs, the snowboard size is 163 cm and 159 for freestyle.

At 209 lbs, freeride should be 163 cm and 160 cm for freestyle. If the rider is 210 lbs, freeride should be 164 cm and 161 cm for freestyle. If 220 lbs, it should 165 cm for freeride and 161 cm for freestyle.

Other Factors to Consider

There are three board types: those for beginners, mid range and the top of the line. The entry level boards are heavier and more basic in design. If you’re new, try them out first. It will help you get familiar with snowboarding. As you progress, you can move on to the other types.

The snowboard size should reach to your chin when upright. Finally, heavier riders will need longer boards and the lighter ones should get smaller and more flexible ones.

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