BCS Trophy Dimensions

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series,BCS Championship Football which is a selection system that offers the two leading teams of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision the chance to play in a national championship game. In order to identify the relative team rankings, computer selection methods and polls are used by the BCS. Likewise, these methods are also used to narrow the selection to just two teams, which will compete in the BCS National Championship Game. The championship trophy for this prestigious event is called the AFCA National Championship Trophy. Aside from these interesting facts, it is also good to know the different BCS trophy dimensions.

Dimensions of the BCS Trophy

The winner of the BCS National Championship Game is to be awarded with the AFCA National Championship Trophy. It has a height of 34 inches and weighs close to 45 pounds. The football part of the trophy alone weighs close to 8 pounds. The estimated value of this award is $30,000. Aside from an ebony base, one of the main features of the trophy is a football made from fine crystal glassware called Waterford Crystal. Each year, a trophy is handed to the winning school.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

AFCA stands for the American Football Coaches Association, which is responsible for awarding the AFCA National Championship Trophy to the winner of the BCS National Championship Game. It usually takes 3 months to finish, which is handmade by an artist residing in Ireland.

This particular trophy has gone through a number of sponsorship changes throughout the years. During the 1986 and 1987 seasons, the Gerrits Foundation was the main sponsor. In the 1988 and 1989 seasons, Pepsi signed as a co-sponsor for this special sporting event. From 1990 to 1992, McDonald’s earned the exclusive right to sponsor such important national football event.

In 1993, Sears was the sponsor of the trophy, which lasted until 2001. In the 2002 season, the sponsorship duties were passed on to Circuit City. Starting from 2003 until 2005, ADT Security Service became the sponsor of the trophy.

Today, this award is completely referred to as the American Football Coaches Association National Championship Trophy. It is commonly called the Coaches’ Trophy. In 1986, Penn State won the trophy led by head coach Joe Paterno. The following year, Miami won the trophy, led by head coach Jimmy Johnson. Some of the most recent recipients of the trophy include Florida in 2006, LSU in 2007 and Florida once again in 2008.

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