Biggest Blue Topaz in the World

The biggest blue topaz in the world is the Marbella Topaz. It weighs 8,225 carats. It is noted for its striking blue color, the oval shape and purity. The topaz is named after Marbella, a town in Spain. The largest cut topaz is the 31,000 carat El Dorado.

Facts about the Topaz

The topaz is a gemstone distinguished for its amber hue. The typical topaz has no color. The colors come about when other minerals are added to it. Usually these produce yellow shades.

The yellow hues vary from bright to deep. Shades of brown and green can also be seen in the topaz. The Imperial Topaz is the strongest and is known for its peach appearance.

The color can be changed using various treatments. Red or pink topazes can be produced by heating the gemstone. The color of the biggest blue topaz in the world is due to stone irradiation. The Mystic Fire Topaz is noted for its multiple colors. The hues are attained by irradiating the stone and applying chemicals on it.


Majority of the gemstones are mined in Mexico and South American countries. But history shows these stones were valued across Africa and Europe too. It has to be pointed out that for centuries, all yellow gemstones were regarded as topaz.

It was not until a century ago that the gemstones were reclassified. The topaz was also valued by the ancient Egyptian. They held that the color emanated from the sun god Ra. The stone was also credited with healing powers. It was also believed to hold off evil demons and spirits.

Today the topaz is recognized as the birthstone of people born in the month of November. It is also the gemstone of Sagittarius. The aforementioned Imperial Topaz is always linked with royalty. The gemstone is also used for commemorating wedding anniversaries.


Based on the Mobs scale, the topaz is 8 on the hardness scale. This makes the gemstone suitable for regular wear. The piece is often found in pear or emerald cuts. The type of cut available will depend on the size. Just like other precious stones, topaz quality is assessed via the clarity, color and cut.

The biggest blue topaz in the world is certainly an eye catcher, but even the smaller ones will grab people’s attention. While available in many colors, the blue is currently one of the most popular.

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