Dimension of a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs today come with many features and have unique specifications. The wheelchairs described here can help you determine what elements to expect from these products as you shop for one.

Dimensions of a Wheelchair: Medline Freedom Transport

The Light 14.8 lb Medline Freedom Transport weighs 14.8 pounds and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The seat width is 19 inches. The wheelchair comes in two colors: burgundy and blue. There is a cup holder at the front the patient can use.

The backside of the Medline Freedom Transport has a key ring. There are also several pockets where various items can be stored. Cell phones or music players can fit in these pockets easily as will bottles.

There is a fold down back feature to make transportation simpler. The arms employ the restaurant style and there is also a seat belt for added protection.

Dimensions of a Wheelchair: Invacare LightWeight Tracer EX2

The Invacare LightWeight Tracer EX2 weighs 36 lbs without the footrest. The weight limit is 250 lbs. The seat width is 20" and the seat depth is 16". The EX2 has four-gauge crossbraces that make it more durable.

The frame is triple plated carbon steel. The back tires are urethane and cast on no-flex wheels. The dual axle positions permit seat adjustments of the seat to floor height.

The arms are also permanent. The rear wheels are 24" and the casters are 8". The wheelchair can also be used with components from the 9000 series.

Dimensions of a Wheelchair: Deluxe Fly-Weight Deluxe Aluminum Transport

The seat is 19" wide and weighs 19 lbs. The seat has a fold down back and is equipped with a seat belt. The back folding feature allows it to be folded and stored.

There are also swing away footrests. The footrests can be swung and detached. The frame is aluminum and the weight is less than 30% of traditional chairs. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. There is also a carry pocket for storing various items.

The upholstery is black and made of nylon. The frame is a dark blue color. The wheelchair can fit in the back of an average size family car.

Dimensions of a Wheelchair: Invacare TREX20P Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

The Invacare TREX20P Tracer EX2 Wheelchair weighs 36 lbs. The weight capacity is 250 lbs and the back height is 16". The seat depth is 16" and the seat to floor heights are 17.5" and 19.5".

The seat is 20" wide. The rear tires are urethane and set on no flex wheels. There are 14-gauge crossbraces for additional strength. There are also dual axle positions, and the frame is carbon steel triple chrome plated. The wheelchair fuses the 900 series technology with the Tracer designs. The casters measure 8" and the rear wheels are 24".

The dimensions of a wheelchair need to be considered so the patient will feel comfortable using it. The accessories and extras may add to the price, but in many cases they make things more convenient for the patient. .

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