Perfume Bottle Sizes

When shopping for perfume, one difficulty usually Perfume Bottleencountered is in discerning perfume bottle sizes. This is due to the fact that certain perfumes promote their sizes Milliliters (ml) while others are stated in Fluid Ounces (FL OZ). To clear up the confusion, one should know the equivalent measurements of the typical units of perfume bottle dimensions.

A 0.05 FL OZ vial of perfume, the typical sample perfume bottle size, is equivalent to 1.5 ml. Other perfume bottle sizes are as follows: 0.17 FL OZ is equivalent to 5 ml; 0.5 FL OZ is equal to 15 ml; 0.8 FL OZ is the same as 25 ml; 1 FL OZ corresponds to 30 ml; 1.4 FL OZ is 40 ml; 1.7 FL OZ is 50 ml; 2 FL OZ is 60 ml; 2.5 FL OZ is 75 ml; 2.7 FL OZ is 80 ml; 3 FL OZ is 90 ml; 3.4 FL OZ is 100 ml; and finally, 4.2 FL OZ is equal to 125 ml.

However, just like the difference between the English system and the Metric system, there is also the distinction between the Fluid Ounces used in the US to that applied in the UK. While perfume bottles would usually be designated as either US FL OZ or UK FL OZ to specify the differences, some are marked as merely FL OZ. In this case, the size referred to is usually the US version. The difference between the two units isn’t too great, though. For instance, 3.4 US FL OZ is equivalent to 100.55 ml, while 3.4 UK FL OZ would be equal to 96. 60 ml.

After getting familiar with the various perfume bottle sizes, one should also know the best perfume size to purchase for a given situation. For example, it is recommended for those buying a new type of fragrance for the first time to try out the smaller perfume sizes from 30 ml below. It is better to start out with a small sample quantity rather than to spend a lot on a big bottle only to have it go to waste should one eventually decide that that scent wasn’t the right one for them after all. One can afford to go big when buying a favorite perfume. But purchasing a big perfume bottle size such as 100 ml is advisable if one is getting one for their dresser at home. A 15 ml bottle is much handier for easy carrying anywhere.

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