Ad Sizes for Internet

The Internet has paved the way for many changes. Everything now goes through the World Wide Web. People are able to do a lot of things with the help of the wired world.

Advertising is one of the many things that Internet has influenced greatly. When you say advertising, it is no longer just about the conventionals – TV, print, radio, etc. Advertising can now be done online. With the number of netizens growing by the day, it definitely is a huge market.

An Important Consideration on Size

As with any other advertising mediums, size matters when it comes to Internet advertising. You have to give value to how big or small your ad is, how strong its size will impact your target market, and how much marketing money you will have to spend for it. Those factors will make certain if your ad efforts are worth it.

There are guidelines regarding ad sizes for Internet as per the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The guidelines determine the dimensions of each type of ad for online sites.

The top four sizes, which are quite a standard among advertisers due to their effectiveness, are the leaderboard (728×90 pixels), wide skyscraper (160×600 pixels), small rectangle (180x150pixels), and the medium rectangle (300×250 pixels).

However, there are other ad sizes that could also pique your curiosity. They are the square pop-up (250×250 pixels), vertical rectangle (240×400 pixels), large rectangle (336×280 pixels), 3:1 rectangle (300×100 pixels), pop-under (720×300 pixels), full banner (468×60 pixels), half banner (234×60 pixels), micro bar (88×31 pixels), buttons (120×90 pixels; 120×60 pixels), vertical banner (120×240 pixels), square button (124×125 pixels), half-page ad (300×600 pixels), and skyscraper (120×600 pixels).

Choose from the different sizes of ads before doing your layout. It is important that you study first which size would fit your market and your budget to ensure that this will be an effort worthwhile.

Do your Research

A significant step that you should take before placing an ad anywhere is to make an advertising research. This specialized study will help you determine the efficiency of one form of advertising. In this case, you must focus on Internet advertising. You will have to employ different methodologies that will help you gauge how effective your ad will be. Pre-testing is one methodology that you will use in order to see how you can maximize your revenues.

In an advertising research, the connection between the market and the advertiser is established. It defines whether or not the meaning that is being conveyed in the ad is interpreted properly.

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