Worlds Most Profitable Companies

This list of the world’s most profitable companies are all in US dollars. These figures are approximates of their total earnings.

The Top Ten

The number one most profitable is Gazprom with 24 billion dollars. At number two is Exxon Mobil with 19 billion. The third most profitable is the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China with 18.2 billion. The oil company BP is at number four with 16.7 billion. At fifth place is China Construction Bank. Its profits from 2009 were 15.6 billion dollars.

At number six is Petrobras with 15.5 billion. The seventh spot is held by Barclays with 14.6 billion dollars. At number eight is Microsoft with 14.5 billion. Ninth place is held by Wal-Mart Stores with 14.3 billion. The tenth spot is held by Vodafone with 13.7 billion.

From Number 11 to 20

Number eleven among the world’s most profitable companies is Procter & Gamble with 13.4 billion. International Business Machines (IBM) is at number 12 with profits of 13.3 billion. The 13th spot is held by Goldman Sachs Group with 13.27 billion. The 14th spot is held by Merck with profits of 12.9 billion. At fifteenth place is AT&T with profits of 12.5 billion dollars.

The 16th most profitable is Royal Dutch Shell with profits of 12.5 billion. The 17th spot is held by Banco Santander with profits of 12.4 billon. The 18th spot is held by Wells Fargo. Its profits for 2009 are 12.2 billion. The 19th place is held by Johnson & Johnson with profits of 12.26 billion. The 20th spot is held by Bank of China. The profits for 2009 were 11.8 billon dollars.

Number 21 to 30

At umber 21 is Total with 11.7 billion. J.P. Morgan is at the 22nd spot. Its profits for 2009 were 11.72 billion. E.ON is at number 23. The company’s profits were 11.6 billion. China Mobile is at number 24 with 11.65 billion in profits.

The 25th spot belongs to Petronas with 11.64 billion in profits. General Electric is at the 26th place with 11.02 billion. Telefonica is at the 27th place. Its profits for 2008 were 10.8 billion. Bristol-Myers Squibb is the 28th most profitable for 2009. Its profits were 10.61 billion.

Chevron is number 29 in the list of the world’s most profitable companies. Its profits were 10.4 billion. The 30th most profitable for 2009 is China National Petroleum. The company profits were 10.27 billion.

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