Size of Billboard Advertising Space


The size of billboard advertising space used is one of the elements that advertisers look into when creating ads. By selecting the right size, it will be able to catch the attention of individuals. Below are some of the most common sizes used. 

Subway Poster Sizes

The car card comes in six sizes: 16" H x 44" W, 16" H x 39" W, 11" H x 56" W, 11" H x 42" W, 11" H x 28" W and 11" H x 14" W. The one sheet measures 45" H x 29-1/2" W, while the two-sheet is 45" H x 59-1/2" W. The three sheet measures 45" H x 89 1/2" W and the urban panel is 29-7/8" H x 59-7/8" W. The clocks size is 29-1/2" H x 46-1/2" W. 

Bus Poster Dimensions 

The size of billboard advertising space used for this category is as follows. For the king it is 30" H x 144" W. for the super king it is 30" x 240" W. The queen size is 30" H x 88" W and for the super queen it is 30" H x 108" W. The taillight display size is 21" H x 72" W and the headlight display size is 21" H x 44" W. 

The Transit Dimensions 

For the transit shelter it is 69" H x 48" W and for the phone kiosk it is 50" H x 26" W. The bus beach size is 24" H x 72" W and for the shopping mall it is 60" H x 46" W. 

Outdoor Poster Size 

The 30-sheet wrapped measures 12' 3" H x 24' 6" W while the 30-sheet bleed is 10' 5" H x 22' 8" W; the 30-sheet measures 9' 7" H x 21' 7" W and the 8-sheet junior dimensions are 5' H x 11' W. 

The Outdoor Bulletin Dimensions 

These come in many sizes but the most frequently used are 20' H x 24' W, 20' H x 60' W, 14' H x 48' W 10' 6" H x 36' W, 10' H x 40' W and 12' H x 24' W. 

Note: if you are going to use a billboard, get in touch with the local government first. Some cities have specific rules regarding the billboard dimensions that may be used. 

Remember that the size of billboard advertising space is just one aspect to developing a marketing strategy. The contents of the ad must be eye catching, direct to the point and informative. 

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