Largest Monetary Note

The largest monetary note was the US$100,000 bill. These were printed on December 18, 1934 up to January 9, 1935. These were utilized by the government for transactions by Federal Reserve Banks. These were never used by the public.

Biggest Paper Money by Size

In terms of physical size, it is the 100,000 Philippine Peso. It measures 355.6mm by 215.9mm (or 14 x 8.5 inches). The note was issued in 1998 on the occasion of the Philippine Independence Centennial Celebration. Only 1,000 copies were printed. Each is valued at US$3,500.

Facts about Monetary Notes

The paper money or banknote is the currency issued by a government or central bank. It is regarded as legal tender in that nation. (Note: this is usually not the case with the largest monetary note, be it the $100,000 US bill or Philippine Peso. They cannot be used for transactions).

There are many kinds of banknotes. Their value is set by the government. Paper money is the most widely used means for conducting exchanges. However, its dominance is being seriously challenged by credit and debit cards.

Identifying Marks

Only banknotes made by the central bank or authorized agency can be used. To avoid fraud, the notes are fitted with unique marks and special features. This makes it easy to distinguish between genuine and fake paper money.

This also makes it difficult for criminals to duplicate banknotes. These are also regarded as paper money. These symbolize agreements that obligate a borrower to pay the lender.

New Paper Money

Countries are always issuing new currencies as the old ones get worn out. Private and government banks are involved in the process of replacing old money.

Facts about Paper Money Size

A currency note weighs .032 troy ounces (12 ounces equals one pound). One pound will have 490 notes. The present currency is 2.61 inches wide by 6.14 inches long. They are .0043 inches thick. Before 1919, the currency dimensions were 3.125 inches by 7.4218 inches. Since 1968, the 100 dollar bill has been the biggest in the world.

The US Treasury Department first issued paper money in 1862. It became necessary as the country faced a shortage of coins during the Civil War. The “In God We Trust,” legend was included in the US currency beginning in 1957.

It is true that there is a $500 million “Treasury Note.” However, it cannot be considered the largest monetary note because it was only used for display.

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